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Sichuan (Sze Chuan) Province is located at southwest of china. Because of its location and weather condition, people of Sichuan developed their unique food that’s cooked with special way and use special ingredients like chili, pepper, hot bean sauce, preserved ginger, etc. They eat plenty of spicy foods to withstand the cold weather. For the past hundreds of years, their foods and cooking ways became the "Art of Spicy Food".

        In 1970s, Sichuan Dishes was still not well known by the people in the Philippines (either local Chinese or Filipino), but it is very popular in Mainland China and Taiwan.  Mr. Manuel O. Chua, owner of Aloha Hotel, decided to put up Sze Chuan (Sichuan) House Restaurant at the ground floor of the hotel, to introduce and served the unique Sichuan (Sze Chuan) dishes to the gourmand and food lovers in the Philippines.

        Aloha Hotel is located at the historic Roxas Boulevard corner Quirino Avenue, facing the world famous Sunset View Manila Bay.

        Since Sze Chuan House Restaurant was established in 1977, its unique and authentic Sichuan dishes are well accepted and loved by the people because it is so different from the other Chinese restaurant in Manila. The gourmand and food lovers have experienced the wonderful taste of Sichuan dishes that they never tasted before. Sliced Pork with Garlic Sauce, Fried String Beans, Steamed Fish with Tauso Sauce, Eggplant with Hot Garlic Sauce, Diced Chicken with Hot Pepper, Hot & Sour Soup, etc., many traditional Sichuan dishes are so good that make our clients unforgettable, they continues to patronage Sze Chuan House form their early childhood up to the present senior years together with their family members.

        Today, Sze Chuan House is one of the most popular restaurants in the Philippines. In the 21st century, the tourism exchanges between China and Philippines keep on increasing, our Chinese Chef brings out more original, traditional and innovation authentic Sichuan Dishes to those people who come from China. Such as sliced Fish (Beef or Pork) Boiled in Spicy Sauce, Mao Xuewang, Sliced Beef and Tripe in Spicy Sauce, Fish with Pickled Mustard in Casserole, etc. Their feedback is: "It's just like we are still at home."

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